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"The best time to plant a tree is 25 years ago. The second best time is today." - Chinese proverb

Planting a tree is a big commitment. It can be a daunting task to look at a small tree and imagine what it might look like far into the future. Will it outgrow the space, requiring extensive pruning on a regular basis, or will it flourish, requiring little maintenance? What about the soil conditions? And the amount of sunlight? How do I know this is the right tree for me? With these and other considerations to be made, make sure you seek the opinions of a certified arborist before making any decisions regarding tree planting. Let the experts at ConservaTree help guide you through the process of tree planting, from start to finish.

The planting process begins with a consultation to determine the ultimate vision of the homeowner for the space. From this information we will help you choose an appropriate species of tree for the site based on many different criteria, including soil condition, drainage, sunlight, existing trees/landscaping, proximity to buildings or other obstructions, root space restrictions, etc.

Our plants are hand selected from local nurseries to help ensure the highest quality stock. After locates have been carried out for underground services, our planting team does the work of transporting, digging, installing, mulching, staking, and (if necessary) pruning your little tree. Follow-up will provide further instructions for homeowners to help care for their young trees.

Our full range of planting services includes shrubs as well as bare-root, container-stock, and ball & burlap trees. Every tree carries the warranty from the nursery (typically one year). Multi-year warranties are available.

We also provide transplanting services for young or small trees that have been planted in the wrong spot. We carefully dig up the root-ball of the tree and then re-plant it in the new location. We provide follow-up consultation to ensure the continuing success of all transplants. Please note that in the case of a transplant candidate which is in decline or otherwise stressed, we cannot warranty our transplanting services. We will follow all applicable best management practices to give the young tree its best chance of survival.

Remember that the best time of year to plant or transplant trees is in the early spring and late fall.


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